We provide the chance for young people, whether they are care leavers, asylum seekers, homeless or have mental health issues to live independent lives within their local community.

We do this by finding sustainable good quality accommodation and then enabling the young people by supporting them with experienced staff members in their own home.

We are not hindered by geographical boundaries as we work in partnership with several letting agencies with national contracts; we are always able to source accommodation in the area of choice.


Often young people want to be independent but lack the necessary skills to achieve this. To enable these young people we offer the ability to share a house with three or four other young people of similar ability, who are all striving to reach the ultimate goal of having their own accommodation and being in control of their lives.


For those young people already showing a high degree of motivation or ability we are able to offer a sustainable accommodation in an area that is convenient for their current life commitments and family and support them to improve their skills until they are fully independent.

We are also able to provide sustainable accommodation in the community for young people who, for whatever reason are unable to function in a group setting, to enable them to become as independent as they are able.

Another additional benefit to local authority leaving care teams that is unique to moving up is the fact that we work in partnership with several national letting agencies who continue to manage the property that the young person is living in even when we have ceased our support on their 18th birthday.

This ensures that any issues that arise from this tenancy are dealt with first by us. A valuable difference that can sometimes mean the tenancy will remain secure because we have intervened and passed the relevant information on to the leaving care team rather than a third party landlord who will just throw young person out if issues arise.

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