Moving Up recognises that leaving care is one of the most crucial parts of the young person's life so far, it is their progression into independence, therefore, it is critical that this progression is given that the most support when it is needed.

To ensure this happens, Moving Up provides services tailored to each young person's individual set needs, for example if a young person is presenting extremely challenging behaviour or has complex mental health issues, Moving Up will work with the social worker and allied professionals to provide 24-hour a day support if necessary.

As the young person becomes more confident in their own abilities and stabilities in their behaviour have been assessed then the level of their support will reduce regularly.

If a young person is reasonably confident and able to perform a variety of independent tasks already, then Moving Up can provide a smaller support package where the support worker engages with the young person for a few hours a day or week as agreed at the outset, by both the young person and the social worker to ensure that they are going to cope and maximising their opportunities during this transition period from care into independence.



Whatever the assessed needs of the young person are, Moving Up is confident that we will meet these needs. Each young person in our care is continually reviewed to promote their independence. At Moving Up we carefully profile match the staff member that will be best suited to work with the young person, based on the information given by the young person, social worker and current placement staff.

This ensures that a better relationship is built from the outset, leading to a greater degree of trust and continuity of care, based on familiar positive relationships in the past. However, clear and firm boundaries are always put in place to ensure that the young person does not develop an ongoing dependence on their support worker.

Moving Up has a proven track record with extremely challenging young people, our bespoke staff team are experienced and committed to providing the best possible outcomes for the young people in their care.